The WinAgency takes creativity to the next level. Forget coming second - we make you the best!

The WinAgency believes that every initiative has a unique goal. We take a strategic approach to our clients’ needs and incorporate a creative edge.

Virtual Assisting

The Winagency is a full service company for the entrepreneur, busy parent or executive looking for an extra hand. A virtual assistant takes care of every day needs, that include planning a special event, organizing an important trip, putting together a perfectly written, excel or power point report or researching an issue – whatever is needed to keep your office, home or business running.

Communication Specialists

Communications specialists handle the public relations aspect of your business. We will write a press release and maintain your social media accounts. We help your company create the perfect pitch and/or announcement for your event. If you are dealing with a media or social media crises – we will help your company with crises management

Video Production

Need a commercial, public service announcement or a quick introduction about your brand – we got you covered. Our team is ready to create the vision. We will assist you in framing your message in the most powerful way possible. We listen then deliver.

Media Coaching

Its not what you say – its how you say it!!!
The Winagency will work with you to construct a powerful message, so it resonates with your audience. There is nothing worse than saying something you’ll regret, or realizing you left something unsaid. Be sure that your announcement, speech or pitch is down pact, so you leave a lasting impression.
Discernment – the ability to say what is appropriate
Persuasion – convince others that your way is the only way
Proper verbiage is everything – don’t use words in the wrong context or misuse verbs – it will make you appear less competent and risky


Marketing is the backbone of any and all businesses. Here is a snapshot of some of the services we provide

  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Brand Development and Implementation
  • Targeted Lead Generation
  • Business to Business / Business to Customer Campaigns
  • Marketing Consulting and Planning
  • Creative Copywriting and Art Direction
  • Internal Employee Communications
  • Strategic Planning & Account Management
  • Marketing Consulting and Planning
  • Creative Copywriting and Art Direction

The Wiangency has a team of web designers that will create the perfect look for your company. We will also provide content writing and work with you to make it perfect. The vision you have for your company must be executed in such a way that the potential customers will take the next step – to inquire.


The WinAgency is an independent global communications agency established in 2003. Proven, effective PR and strategic communication that employs a multi-dimensional approach building brand equity from conception to execution. We believe in quality versus quantity, and as such, we seek out the right and relevant message.

Earning a Masters of Arts in Public and Organizational Relations from the University of Montclair, she has solidified a foundation that would spark the drive and lend credibility to becoming one of the industries most sought after communication professionals. Windy is humbled by the diverse experiences serving as Publicist, Casting Director, Researcher, Producer, Communication Specialist and Lifestyle Manager for some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

Spending time in the non profit and educational sectors has offered a philanthropic aspect to the Winagency’s resume. Working with at risk youth in underserved communities have created a unique opportunity. Many urban youth are not communicating effectively – outside of their environments and adopting effective communicative practices that would create opportunities. The Winagency recognized the need to foster and create a niche that would assist communities in fostering communicative reform.

Just some of our recent work

Why Choose Us?

1. Experience

Experience is not to be taken lightly. The Winagency has consulted with some of the worlds most notable brands, entertainers and initiatives. The Winagency supported the General Manager of Music World Entertainment with Marketing, Public Relations and Research. Windy collaborated with label, television, film and coporate executives to forge relationships in branding products and events and entertainers.

2. The Best Solution for Your Business

Working with a small firm gives you the opportunity to establish a personable relationship, where every detail is covered and you can rest assure that the goal is attainable. The Winagency works diligently to cover every aspect of the project while keeping you informed.

3. Time

All companies strive to keep customers satisfied across multiple channels and functions. The Winagency prides themselves on delivering a more personalized experience than their larger competitors. As the Winagency grows, we want to maintain that same level of service. The Winagnecy recognizes that and empower their service teams to make customers happy by delivering accurate and impeccable work.

4. Quality

Almost all work has standards for how well it must be done and how fast it must be done. In some cases perfection is required at all costs, and in others speed is most important. Knowing what is expected at your workplace is essential to getting this balancing act right. To ensure that we are providing quality work, we listen carefully to the goal and communicate when something is not clear. The Winagency does not believe in shortcuts we pride ourselves on producing the best quality possible.